Our Gazelles Groups are the best way for smaller companies (3-5 leaders, less than 50 employees) to implement the Four Decisions of Rockefeller Habits 2.0 and Scale Up!

  This program brings together 6-10 company teams for strategy and planning work in a group workshop setting. 


Gazelles Group Program Details

San Francisco Program Dates:
Jan 9-10, 2017
Apr 3, 2017

Jul 10, 2017
Sept 18, 2017
Dec 18-19, 2017

Honolulu Program Dates:
March 27, 2017

June 26, 2017
Sept 25, 2017
Dec 11-12, 201






  • We accept 6-10 companies who meet quarterly with up to 6 members of their leadership team.  Space is limited
  • Gazelles Groups meet quarterly in person for full day sessions facilitated by a certified coach to do strategic thinking and execution planning. Annual Planning session is 2 day
  • Your coach will start with assessments and interviews with the team to understand your current issues and strategic position.
  • Monthly coaching and accountability sessions with CEO/Founder
  • Unlimited access to your coach as needed in between sessions for questions or concerns.
  • Space is limited in each group, but once accepted, you are welcomed into subsequent years.
  • Use of is required by the senior team and recommended for all managers. Cost varies with team size.
  • Most affordable path for small companies to get coached on Scaling Up.
  • Typical participants should be able to double cash flow, achieve 3x industry profitability, increase valuation relative to your competitors, have more time for the right things, and enjoy your climb to success!
  • Easy monthly payments by credit card, minimum registration is one year.


Execution is at least half of your time in the program; Setting priorities, honing metrics, improving meeting rhythms, etc. The other half of your time is spent working with decisions and tools for People, Strategy, and Cash.

A typical roadmap for this program works looks like this:


Are you a fit for this program? To apply to the SF or Hawaii Gazelles Groups contact us here, or by phone at +1-510-295-4422 

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