The Illusion Of Work-Life Balance

Andy Bailey is a serial entrepreneur and author of No Try Only Do. He is also the Founder and Lead Coach of Petra Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching firm. Today’s show is all about the illusion of work-life balance and how we can bridge the gap between those two more seamlessly. Andy and Bill also discuss how language plays an important role on how you show up to others, which is why you should get rid of the word ‘try’ in your vocabulary.

Multiply Your Time The Smart Way

Rory Vaden is the best selling author of Take the Stairs, and Procrastinate on Purpose. His expertise on improving self-discipline, overcoming procrastination, and enhancing productivity make him the perfect guest for this week’s show. Today, Bill and Rory discuss some of the best ways you can multiply your time and get more things done the smart way!

The Power and Magic of Authenticity

Green is a Certified Gazelles Coach and Business Growth Expert. Mark is also the Founder and President of Performance Dynamics Group, where he has helped executives and salespeople dramatically increase their performance and their personal results.

Nature Has Already Solved Our Business Challenges

Born and raised in Australia, Jay Harmon started his career as a naturalist with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in Australia and went on to found several multi-mullion dollar research and manufacturing companies. Today, Jay talks to us about his book The Shark’s Paintbrush: Biomimicry and How Nature is Inspiring Innovation.

Lonely at the Top? Here’s How to Never Fly Solo Again

A lot of lessons can be learned through flying a plane. It requires focus, preparation, and even team work! When Bill and his team are training his clients’ teams on execution, they will normally show a picture of planes flying in formation. It’s a powerful image because there’s so much work that goes into it making look flawless. The same metaphor can be transferred over into business.
Rob “Waldo” Waldman is a decorated former fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force. He is also a professional leadership speaker, and the author of Never Fly Solo, a book on how to reach new heights in business through building trusting relationships. Today Waldo and Bill discuss how leaders can overcome fear and doubt and bring your business to new heights.

The Strategic Way to Use Gifting

There’s an art and science to using gifts to cut through the noise, and drive real referrals to your business.
In this episode, John Ruhlin, author of GIFTOLOGY: The Art & Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through The Noise & Drive Referrals, discusses how to use gifts to scale your business and increase referrals.

How to Create a Happier Workforce

In this podcast episode, Heather Patterson, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happier Talent Development, shares an important example of how she turned a skeptical, arms crossed, eyes rolled, CEO into an avid supporter of a “happy” work environment.
Listen in to find out how can you optimize your workforce through a positive leadership style.

Balancing Both Innovation and Scale

Roland Siebelink has seen three small startup companies grow into large-scale organizations from both sides of the world (Europe and the U.S.). Roland believes the effects of good leadership, or bad leadership, usually take between 7-10 years to show up in traditional companies. However, in tech, the growth is so accelerated that it can become quite obvious when there’s good or bad management leading the team.
Today, Roland and Bill share some thoughts and lessons about keeping the balance on both innovation and scale.

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Lynne Twist is the author of The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life. Money, and the lack of it, is a very important subject for entrepreneurs, but Lynne is here to tell you that your limited beliefs on money are actually hurting you, not helping you.
Today, Lynne and Bill discuss how you can become liberated from money, instead of being chained by it.

Achieve High Growth in Less Time

Geoff Gwynn is a Certified Gazelles International Coach based in the UK, and served in the Royal Air Force. In today’s conversation Bill and Geoff discuss how by helping his client fix some key blockages they were able to increase their margins and efficiency.