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Simple, fun, and profitable


Our theme this year is Simple, Fun, and Profitable, and it’s really starting to impact everything we do and our whole work environment. It’s become a focus point and mantra for all our actions in the second half of the year.… Read more →

Set the World on Fire: 7 Secrets of Power PR


Some of the most worthwhile companies and projects languish with no media attention while others have exploded with global coverage and buzz. What’s different? Is it luck? An insider conspiracy? Nope. The people I’ve worked with have produced unprecedented results by following a few simple steps. You can do it too, and you won’t need a huge budget or a big PR firm to get major results.… Read more →

It’s a small world…

speaker map 2014

We’ve done workshops and talks in so many places now but still have so much territory to cover: Europe, Australia/NZ, Latin America, South Africa. What’s next?… Read more →

Luck is…

luck is quote

“Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity.” First found in the 1912 Youth’s Companion magazine, and likely inspired by Demetrius & Seneca. Quoted widely starting in the 1920’s, then shortened and attributed to Seneca directly by Oprah and others.… Read more →