Workshops & Speaking

From leadership training to keynote talks, our programs are making a difference around the world for business leaders and their teams.

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If you're looking for someone to coach you to grow your business, to develop your team or yourself, or even if you are faced with a crisis, we promise results!

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Need to take your team or group to the next level? We can facilitate and launch you powerfully into the future.

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Simple Habits for a Great, Big Life

What does it take to have a really big and satisfying life and to live it without compromise? This short talk shares 7 simple habits that give you that kind of life.

Roll with the punches!


Can you roll with the punches? My coaching client didn’t think he could take any more. Rejection, or, hearing “no” is part of the process of business and life. And if you want to get past the “no,” you have to be able to stay loose and roll with the punches. … Read more →

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